Snap Together Mini Lamp

The Snap Together Mini Lamp is a derivative of Mattraptions’ Mini Desk Lamp.
It was modified by Skimbal to use Tony Buser’s snap fittings and was published on Thingiverse by MakerBot on

You can find the model here on Thingiverse.

The parts took around 12 hours to be printed.
The base and the shade were printed in medum quality (0.2 mm layer height), while the holder parts were printed in high quality (0.1 mm layer height)

I used a 12 VDC LED for around 5 € in cold white light and soldered it to some wires considering polarity.

When I tried to snap all parts together I recognized that they doesn’t fit perfectly into their holes.
Unfortunately the wholes needed to be enlarged by a drill. Over enlarging was then requiring fixation by fast adhesion glue.

Sadly the glue solvent was attacking the PLA which could be seen after 24 h…
Overpainting with some permanent marker did the finishing.

The wires were connected via a switch to free 12V power supply.

And voila, it’s made!

Do you like it?